A unique brand where tradition meets innovation

Presented in Paris, in January 2011, Frato Interiors has inherited ancestral expertise, connecting it to a cosmopolitan and contemporary approach, growing into a reference brand for those who seek for traditional mastery and state-of-the-art design.

What began as a passion for travelling and collecting memoirs of the most stunning places on Earth became a pledge for globally inspired interior lifestyle concept, equally engaged to elegance and comfort, conducive to pleasure and well-being. Thought to enclose influences from some of the most magnificent places and to reflect the brand's spirit, the whole world came up as a natural arena to welcome the collections.

Frato offers a scalable and versatile collection, bearing in mind clients' specific needs as well as their personal interpretation of life. The fusion between Classic and Contemporary styles, meticulously managed, grant Frato its timeless look.

Frato is mainly driven by the clients' satisfaction and by the constant desire to evolve towards the achievement of three leading values:

- Perfection
- Elegance
- Quality