About us



An exceedingly luxurious journey throughout tradition and innovation.


FRATO creates a world of unique experiences; the unexpected, the authentic and the meaningful. What began as a passion for travel and collecting memories of the most dazzling places on earth culminated into a demand for luxurious and comfortable interior design.


Presented as a global brand for the first time in Paris in January 2011, FRATO collection is carefully designed and concieved, achieving the perfect balance between the most innovative techniques and local artisan skills.


FRATO offers a tailored design service, matching our clients’ needs. As a closely knit team, FRATO has the skills and expertise to deliver astonishing, intelligent and exquisit interior design concept.


Our collection encircles the globe, with influences from West to East, all over the seven continents. From New York to Cairo, from Vienna to Seoul, from Toronto to Sidney, we see travel as an opportunity for enrichment and surprise. This is our engagement; we blend all those influences on a sophisticated, contemporary and luxurious collection.


Those influences can be seen in the product names taken after world cities. As with the “Moscow sofa”, a sophisticated piece for your living room or entertainment den; produced using the finest materials, like a luxurious silk. This sofa can be combined with “Beijing” stool in bright red fabric, and the simple “Melbourne” and “Sidney” tables in stainless steel and lacquer. Every piece can be customized with different materials and color palettes, to suit specific needs and desires.


Some of the most beautiful and statement pieces are the FRATO lamps. These pieces are a perfect embodiment of the east-meets-west approach, where minimalist lamps are embellished with opulent and Oriental-inspired tassels. Take the “ACCRA” floor lamp for example, beautifully constructed from stainless steel and decked up with tassels and a raw silk “Cacau” lampshade. Once again, FRATO gives you the luxury to customize every single detail of the chosen lampshade.


You will be able to find FRATO pieces at Harrods in London but also at Bloomingdale’s, Harvey Nichols in Dubai and at Marquis Studio in Singapore.


More than a brand, FRATO should be seen as a lifestyle, as a personal interpretation of life.


Every single detail is designed with a purpose of luxury and embellishment, based on a deeply personal approach from FRATO’s founders Carlos and Patrícia Santos. Mixed with an option of total customization, this assures that each piece is unique and tailored to clients’ specific styles.


Everything that bears the FRATO brand is designed and built to provide a lifetime use and enjoyment; it’s timeless design will appeal to discerning customers looking for uncompromising exclusivity, unparalleled craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement.


How we work


At FRATO we strive for three main achievements:

  . Seek for PERFECTION;
  . Pursuit for ELEGANCE;
  . Accomplish of a TIMELESS BEAUTY in all of FRATO’s creations.


Our vision is to reinterpret a lifetime experience all over the world, bringing the best of each culture into a luxurious and exquisite environment.


Combining a cosmopolitan lifestyle with contemporary design and refined materials, FRATO commits itself to present a collection carefully crafted, uniquely designed to give life to luxury and refinement.


What we stand for


  . Respect and commitment;
  . Balance and harmony;
  . Service and Trust